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    Active Minds Academy is a Home-Based English speaking Group Center for 8 children in a safe and secure learning environment, where 2 passionate teachers are committed to students’ academic, social, and character development. We educate the children in accordance with the Canadian Educational System that shapes life for those who choose to settle in Canada

  • Mission Statement

    A child’s earliest years are when his or her character is influenced the greatest, making character development an integral part of education at all levels and ages.


    Character development is a core facet of education at Active Minds Academy. From guidance on the outdoor field to motivation in the classroom, our children are assisted in developing a strong character along every step of the way. The quality care and education include the education of the heart as well as the mind. It includes a focus on the whole person.

  • Vision Statement

    Consistent character development leads to the following benefits:

    • Strong core ethical and moral values
    • Conscious awareness of defined thoughts, feelings, and behavior
    • Proactive intentional approach to life
    • Engaging moral actions
    • Intrinsic motivation to learn
    • Moral leadership with long-term responsibility


    To teach and instill in the children the Six Pillars of Character Development which aim at preparing children to have tolerance, empathy, and respect for others within our increasingly diverse communities. It also means providing opportunities for children to understand deeply the importance of civic engagement and what it means to be productive citizens in an interdependent world.


    Character development is education at its best.

  • Core Values

    There are six core pillars of good character development, preparing the children of Active Minds Academy the greatest potential for success. By fostering your child to develop a strong personality with clear morals, ethics, and values, your child will be positioned for a positive future.

  • Class Schedule

  • Live Streaming

    Our special service

    We currently have five webcams installed at the facility. Parents and guardians should be able to view their children or staff for most of the day, but there are times that children will not be in view. For instance, some corners of the rooms are not viewable due to the angle of the cameras.
    The webcams are provided for peace of mind and occasional “drop-in” viewing.

  • Tuition

    We charge a monthly fee of $1500.00.

    We provide children with their own monthly journals, school, and art supplies for their daily academic and art use.

    We supply supplement food, such as milk, cookies, fruits, yogurt, ice cream, and jello.

    The children also get complimentary hot lunch


    Hours of operation: 8:00am – 5:30pm.
    We are closed for all statutory holidays.

  • Contact Us

    Please send us a message if you have any questions, or give us a call at: (604)277-6625