• Welcome!

    Our peanut-free home environment centre is where children are being prepared for their future in the educational system while having fun.

  • Philosophy

    At Active Minds Academy Inc. it is our philosophy to create an environment that is peaceful, compassionate, inclusive and rooted in empathy.  We feel that by working with our families we are able to teach children the concept of learning and apply what they have learned to the community.

  • Goals

    The four foundational goals of Active Minds Academy Inc. uphold our philosophy and guide our Early Childhood Curriculum for children from ages 2 ½ to 5 years old.

    These goals are to nurture the child’s social emotional development, develop mastery of Life Skills, and establish fundamentals of the Six Pillars of Characters, which are caringtrustworthyresponsiblefairrespectful and be a good citizen.


  • Profiles

    We have at least two Early Childhood Educator teachers to guide the children in their personal struggles to be independent in mastering their life skills and be academically prepared to be well-rounded students for formal education.

    Mastery of Life Skills

    Our goal is to develop independence in children.  Children are encouraged to care for themselves and be responsible citizens.

    Social Emotional Development 

    Helping children develop friendships, resolve conflicts, identify and express their feelings is our main goal for our early learners.  We feel it is important that they learn to self-regulate, thus we teach these skills through our extra-curricular activities, where we have songs, music, yoga, role-play, and various programs.  

    Etiquette Training

    The Six Pillars of Character in Children teach our early learners to use good manners as well as kind and considerate behavior toward others.  We feel that if children learn to use kind words with one another and treat each other with respect , they are more likely to take a leadership role and less likely to engage in bullying behavior.


    Research has shown a strong link between playing and learning, thus when children are playing it is a perfect time for them to learn. Play can teach children to problem solve, make friends, express their feelings as well as teach them to recognize letters and numbers.

    Our academic curriculum has been created and structured with this in mind:

    To create relationship in learning in children.

    We stress on teaching them their fundamental tools for Kindergarten: Reading, Writing and Math through coloring, cutting and pasting worksheets on their Journals, which parents can see every day at pick-up time.


  • Class Schedule

    We start our day by having breakfast together in our Clubhouse, then move on to our academic curriculum. We have Morning Meeting then move on to focus on phonics, writing, and mathematics. We do fine motor exercises by writing and with color, cut, andpaste activities. They collect their work in their own personal work journals that are viewed daily and taken home at the end of each month.

    Students have lunch then have their naptime. When they wake up, they have a small snack then move on to our extra curriculum activities, which include storytelling, cardio and yoga, as well as song and dance.

  • Live Streaming

    Our special service

    We currently have four webcams installed at the centre.  Parents and guardians should be able to view their children or staff for most of the day, but there are times that children will not be in view.  For instance, some corners of the rooms are not viewable due to angle of the cameras.  

    The webcams are provided for peace of mind and occasional “drop-in” viewing.

  • Tuition

    We charge a monthly fee of $1300.00.

    We provide children with their own monthly journals and school supplies for their daily academic use.

    We also supply supplement food, such as milk, cookies, fruits, yogurt, and jello.

    Hours of operation: 7:30am – 5:30pm.
    We are closed for all statutory holidays.

  • Contact Us

    Please send us a message if you have any questions, or give us a call at: 604-277-5858